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Proxy search - last results log of successful tests: recently ...us and transparent public proxy servers list with speed rating
Free translation
Free Online English to Swedish Translators
usgs aerial photos address search
Monroe County Public Library
Long distance calling lowest rates and cheapest plans from ProDial Communications


Campmor: Red Ledge Techlight Anorak (Unisex)
OR Product page: Mithril Stormshell™
OR Product page: Exos Pants™

bike junk

eBay: Tektro Aero Road Brake Levers, Brand New (item 7187069667 end time Oct-09-05 18:28:34 PDT)
Arkel OverDesigns 1 888 592 7535
bike junk
Heavy Duty Touring Racks
Joe's Little Piece of the Web - Bicycle Touring
My Touring Bags and How to Make Your Own
Ripstop, Tafetta and other nylon fabric
Sheldon Brown's

gantt charts


The ORIGINAL Illustrated Catalog Of ACME Products
Outrageous On-line Uncle Al - 425
The Inflatable Clydesdale Project Building An Inflatable Horse
sarahemm's ookmarks
Furniture Porn Links
Alternativas libres :: Juegos
quantum bogodynamics
björkish > pictures > captures (temp layout)
bash.org Top 100 Quotes
User Friendly the Comic Strip - Cartoon Archive
Index of /fun
1998 Urban Legend: Gerbil Rocket
:: SLAY Radio ::
howto ePSXe 1.5.2 on Linux
Gravity Lens Weblog
SomaFM: Listener Supported, Commercial Free Internet Radio



WWWJDIC: Word Display
japanese lang notes in spanish
Japanese Electronic Dictionary PDA - auto jap translator
Anime-J-Pop Karaoke Box
ogasawara's Zaurus のページ programs


Akira PowerBike Project
SF 湮 ��


Notes on the Mobile Infantry and Power Armor of OGRE and GEV
Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam TV

耳無し芳一 art



QuickCam Third-Party Drivers
Live Webcam with Linux and Free Software
qcread - Image reader and routines for Connectix QuickCam control.
Motion detection webcam software
LogitechSphereControl < Motion < Kenneth-wiki

USPP - Universal Serial Port Python Library
Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide
Common threads: Sed by example, Part 2
RTnet - Home
And now for something completely different: Instant Python
Welcome to ntop!
text to speech Demo
why haskell
DSL HOWTO for Linux
C++ language tutorial
Dynamic Class Loading for C++ on Linux | Linux Journal
megahal forum
Connect KDE applications using DCOP
Refactoring - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia





Yahoo! Groups : CAD_CAM_EDM_DRO Messages : Message 40969 of 84175
NFR Partners editNC CNC G-Code Editor - CNC FAQ (APT Architecture)
44.2 APT

Any ideas for open source CAM package?
Institut de Recherche d'Hydro-Québec
Virtual Reality and Rapid Prototyping Laboratory
Geometry in Action: CAM
ROBOOP -- Download
LUnIx CAD/CAM + Modelers Links
brlcad primitives


Investigating Patterns Symmetry and Tessellations
Stylized Depiction: Non-Photorealistic, Painterly and 'Toon Rendering
MedCosm CGHMaker (computer generated hologram construction kit)
Andy's Tessellation Page
Directory of -fractals-pubqual-
Free sheet music
ls sketchbook
Luis Goncalves Project Computer-synthesized realistic human motion
Oyonale - Experiments in graphics (POV)
Paul Debevec HDR lighting
XaoS - Real-Time Fractal Zoomer

Uber-Converter: 2D and 3D graphics conversion and more
Sced: Constraint Based Scene Design
Re: Nvidia troubles again.....
rpm.livna.org - Why switch to Livna ATI & Nvidia RPMS?
USS electric trike
A nonphotorealistic renderer
Ashland Hardwood Gallery
Abstract Sculptures
The Digital Michelangelo Project
Links to low-dimensional topology: Knot Theory
Google Search: Computer aided manufacturing algorithms
Swept Volume Computation Reading List
Optimal Controller for a 5-axis Machine Tool
Any ideas for open source CAM package?
3D Photography on your desk - ICCV98 - Jean-Yves Bouguet - 3D scanner - 3D scanning - Shadow scanner - Shadow scanning
Computer Graphics World - Extreme 3D Art
3dcgi.com - 3D Graphics News
3D Photography Project Page
vinvin's 3D scanner



e-torq/sema super-hi torque to size ratio

EV World The Remarkable Lynx Motion Electric Motor
SEMA Motors Lynx Motion Technology

airmuscle comparison
PF35T steppers
Stepper Motor Discussions 2002: Re: need specs on Japan Servo -
step motor basics
Herbach & Rademan, electric motor, power supplies, timing moto... in/lbs; 1300 RPM @12VDC 6 in/lbs Torque Servo Motor w/Encoder
PCI 4 Axis Servo or Encoder or 2 Axis Stepper controller board, software/documentation CD EOL
Surplus Center - 1000 WATT 100 VAC SERVO MOTOR P50B08100VCKS7
Introduction to SEMA Motor Technology • Lynx Motion Technology


Installing EMC on Mandrake 9.2
3 Input: the RS274/NGC Language
CIA by author
WfMC Workflow Reference Model
Index of /davee/
RTAI 3.0 Installation Guide
Digital Hermit - Kernel-Build-HOWTO
papers on univariate splines at ftp.cs.wisc.edu/Approx
The NIST RS274NGC Interpreter - Version 3
Escher for Real
emc-mazak logz
Index of /irc/irc.freenode.net:6667/emc
Open CASCADE Technology, 3D modeling & numerical simulation
poly->spline math
How To Calculate KXP Spline Derivatives
Research on High-performance CORBA
les trajectory explanation
lloyd trajectory optimization/simulation

message layers

D-BUS with Qt 4 tutorial
kutils Library: DCOP Class Reference (kutils Library)
dbus performance
Message Bus
Google Search: dcop development
DCOP: Desktop COmmunications Protocol


Feature - Do-It-Yourself Machine Inspection - auto calibration methods
double ball bar procedure
LME Hexapod Machine
LME Hexapod Software Model
ParalleMIC - the Parallel Mechanisms Information Center
Solving the Forward Kinematics Problem for the Stewart Platform by Focusing Attention and Searching
Index of /~juve/emc/mytoy
Full Motion Flight Simulation Platform
Translation robots deltabot
Hexapod-Maschinen hexact
double tripod positioning device
Gloria J Wiens papers, paperback


shadow robots article
Hanson Robotics : Materials
Shadow Robot Hand - Neuroinformatics Group - Bielefeld University
John never running robot
7th ROBO-ONE opening and the Korean spirit sweeping over higher rank
MIT LegLab Recent Robot Videos

Develop Rotation Matrix Operator
DIY cnc survey (By-High Seas)
cnc for hobbyists hobbit eng. - intro, rules of thumb
OpenCNC project.
homemade digital readout
Contour Crafting robotic construction
orocos Interpolation
Machina Speculatrix - first robot ever
Learn about Robot Forward Kinematics
Servo features: linear motor drive, adaptive control and input smoothing.

CNC routers/mills/lathes

cnc mill-drill from cheapies
printer-based PCB router
CNC on a Budget PCB router, stepper designs, milling machine, store
Industrial Hobbies
Translated |v|ersion of http://www.jocomomola.de/CNC_Master/featurelist.html - Konqueror
les watts router

one click toolchanger
Proportional valves reach new levels of control: News from Asco Joucomatic
chinese cnc gui
toka Thomas Kalka wiki

machine design(s)

existing production designs

lotsa pics of disassembled hercus lathe
air-powered indexing attachment
table saw guts picture
Van Norman Milling Machine Homepage


Dynamic Reversing and Braking of Fractional Horsepower Induction Motors
Building a Vacuumform Table
Bill's Cyclone & Dust Collection Research - Cyclone Building Instructions
unigrinder belt sander
Home made vertical 3 wheeled bandaw
Building a Clone of a Biesemeyer Table Saw Fence
Free Home Workshop Plans Compliments of David Lee's Junkyard Projects
Stove designs
A 6-in. Bench Shaper

An Improvised PVC Bulkhead Fitting for Liquid Storage Tanks
co2 regulator

vibration damping

coolest linear slide ever (pdf)
viscoelastic shear dampening bed
lathe vibration dampening
polymer concrete machine tools

Anderson CVT - How It Works
High Frequency Induction Heating

buckminster fuller

Foiltec GmbH - Verarbeitung von Folien und Textilien
everything i know
Teflon for Heat Sealers
TENSEGRITY by R. Buckminster Fuller
The R. Buckminster Fuller FAQ

engines/thrusters/prime movers

Phoenix Turbine Builders Club
rocket Nozzle Design
Allison Model T63-A-700(250-C18) Gas Turbine Engine
GR-5 Turboshaft Engine Project 7/2/04

recumbent trike steering
Roh'lix® Linear Actuators
ratchetless ratchet
Design Portfolio For Roger Cortesi
m1 cool linear bearing idea
another linear bearing idea
gingery_machines @wiki
Acme Lead Screw Glossary and Technical Data +sample calculations


Metalworking yammer
metalwebnews -howto
Pat's Big List Of Metalwork Links

supplies/raw materials

Cast Aluminum Precision Tool & Jig Plate (discs) For Sale
Fiberglass , Epoxy , Composites, Carbon Fiber - U.S. Composites, Inc.
Enco - Guaranteed Lowest Prices on Machinery, Measuring Tools, Cutting Tools and Shop Supplies
surplus bearings + drive components

Start With The Right Speeds And Feeds

machining techniques

FRETS.COM Machining +projects
woodworking techniques
Wobble Broaching
A Mini-EDM System


Gears Encyclopedia
bevel & spiral bevel gears

Ron chernich model engines techniques
Lathe Projects
Steve Bedair's 9x20 Lathe Site
carbide depot troubleshooting
chris heapy page
disassembly of Drill Chucks
Mini Lathe Workshop toolmaking howto
Morse Cutting Tools
Shopswarf charts charts charts
steamboat ed machine shjop
www.metalworking.com - -dropbox-

Grahams projects mini air/rc carbon fiber + EDM

materials science/engineering choices

Flame-proof coating
Science Forum - materials science


keenjunk.com - Blacksmiths Junkyard [Forum]
Karewear- Flame Resistant Apparel, Welding Gloves, Hard Hat Liners, Aluminized Apparel
ceramic shell
Build Your Own Home Foundry : Mother Earth News
Association of Backyard Metalcasters
aluminum facts + oil fired tilt furnace
ceramics Why Aren't You Firing Faster
Crucible Manufacture
David Reid
Palmer Mfg. & Supply, Inc. - Aluminum Degassing System
The Rockbridge Bloomery

Vibratory Finishing Guide
Injection Molding Basics for the Minimal Mold
CNC routing plastic articles
Machining and Metalworking at Home
Old Woodworking Machines - restoration FAQ
Engraving Cutter Geometry
Fact Sheet - Rotary Engraving


Guru's Lair: Patent Avoidance Library
Seament Research
Anarchism Triumphant open source paper
Meatball Wiki: barn raising
Space Elevator Visions
I Want the Earth Plus 5%. The truth about money, credit and the deficit
A Better Money System
social interaction-focused housing designs
EcoSphere Bungalow
Communities Directory: Goodrich Farm Cooperative
Atomic Rocket main page
Crichton on Aliens and Global Warming
Feature - Nanofibers in Space Technology


Transtopia -- Island Project
Extropy Institute
The Plan to Singularity
LOGI: An illustration of principles


Gerard K. O'Neill
Artemis Project: Artemis Data Book Table of Contents
L5 News

The Creation of Free Settlements


technical education tpub.com
'Gyroscopic Missile Guidance System
pmel sci/eng glossary
archived yahoo groups
light bulb White SON SDW-T
Government Liquidation


Sam's Laser FAQ - Laser Instruments and Applications
Welcome to Imajeenyus!
HV cascade circuit
High Voltage Solid State Flyback Driver
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
CNC Laser Cutting
the Bell Jar - hi vacuum
ELM - Home Built Laser Projector
Artemis Project: Laser Communications for Angus Bay
A New All Gas-Phase Chemical Iodine Laser
gas dynamic laser

exoTK Homepage
Dual Photography
Ten dollar Infrared Goggles
northeast indiana machinist club



BBC NEWS | Health | Find could boost malaria fight
Ching-Hao and the Artemesias Used in Chinese Medicine


Plants defy Mendel's inheritance laws, may prompt textbook changes
Plant Resin & Wax Photos
Dendrology at Virginia Tech
glossary of jap ingredient
Herb Information - Directory of Herbs
Herbs To Herbs 2000
Photo Herbarium (a to z)(Sep 00)
plants at griffy
purdue Guide to Medicinal and Aromatic Plants

Why Soy Can Damage Your Health
Raw Food Recipes
How to build a Clark zapper,
bentonite research
Air ion effects
Treating Fibromyalgia - October 1, 2000 - American Family Physician
Quantum Healing - Allergies
Kate Stelnick - Co-ed completely consumes colossal cheeseburger, claims challenge championship
baking soda bath
Is Cooked Food Less Nutritious than Raw Food? What Science Says
The Psychology of Idealistic Diets
Alphabetic Spice Index
Blatant Raw Foodist Propaganda!
when to start plant starts


atmospheric geavity experiments
Gregory Hodowanec: Experiments with Gravity Wave Signals (Rhysmonic Cosmology)
Examination of Apparent Transient Weight Changes
Yahoo! Groups : Antigravity Messages : Message 5790 of 5807
Vela Pulsar

Science of BlackLight Power Inc.

ORMUS/M-state/white powder gold

A Little Forum For Gold Microclusters
in pursuit of gold ch 1

Resonant Frequency Of The Aether


Don & Carol Croft
Orgone Tutorials

Inertialess Drive - weaksauce
TESLA: Free Energy. The Tunguska Explosion
dotto patent thermocouple ring
Coleman Gallery of Curiosities:Spiritual and Metaphysical Topics


The Greening - The Lawful Path
Did NASA Accidentally Nuke Jupiter
Etheric Warriors :: View topic - GWB Power Words
Definitions, along with Words and Terms in the Scriptures

Recent work in TGD inspired theory of conscousness
SVP Universal Cosmology - keely
Astromind Physical Mental and Spiritual Mastery
Great Pyramid Facts and Statistics
pyramid calculator
Team Atlantis - The Orion Pyramid Theory Part II


radio data transmitter IC
The Electronic Goldmine
Non-contact Angular Position Sensor
The Hardware Book (pinouts)

LED stuff

A linear Constant Current LED Lamp Dimmer
- - - LSDiodes.com - - LED's badass

BatterySpace.com cheap NiMH's

cnc/robot driver/feedback electronics

poor man digital read out - mouse
Sam's Laser FAQ - precision angle encoder CDROM
Stepper Motor Controller Connection Diagrams
Jones on A Worked Stepping Motor Example
A low cost USB-CAN Distributed Motion Control System
Servo To Go, Inc.
VencenzoV stepper drivers etc
Solid State Relay 40A 240V $10
hans w L298 design
fast serial quadrature decoder IC
Dynamic Reversing and Braking of Fractional Horsepower Induction Motors
p5 driver project
eBay: 25 Int Rect. IRG4PC40U 20A 600V TO247 IGBT MOSFETs (item 7548675931 end time Oct-22-05 11:31:59 PDT)
eBay: IRF510 MOSFET T0220 NPN 5.6A 10 pcs (item 7554788848 end time Oct-22-05 22:05:10 PDT)
DPRG: L298 H-Bridge PCB Project
Open Source Controller Boards
quadrature decoder circuit diagram


gEDA Project Homepage
lessons in spice


AVR projects laser projector


pic-servo picmotion blegh
dspicprg and dspicdmp utilities

PCB milling/etching

FabLab - AIMSWiki
milling a circuitboard with modela

EDM power supply
Datasheet catalog for integrated circuits, diodes, triacs, and other semiconductors.
Thermal Accelerometer
LiniStepper, lini, stepper, linear, 6th microstep, linear micr...obby stepper, robot stepper driver kit, CNC stepper driver kit
All Electronics Corp.
Programming and Electronics
trace width calculator
Warp Nine Engineering - IEEE 1284 EPP- Enhanced Parallel Port Mode
Futurlec, The Electronic Components and Semiconductor Superstore
Electronics Concepts
Parallel port output
Bowden's Hobby Circuits
phydbleep's LCD screen
cellphone based displays (serdisplib)
Have you seen my new soldering Iron?
Amateur Lightwave Communication... Practical and Affordable
Ronja LED ethernet device
Bipolar junction transistor